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Digimon Store Championship November 2022



With the upcoming holidays we want to spice the things up with some nice and competitive events! The Digimon Store Championship has it all! Rare, hard to find prize cards, competitive scene and fun to play battlefield!
???? Fee: 20lv
☑ Store Championship 2022
Participant Pack
☑ 2 Booster Packs
☑ 2 ST-11 Special Entry Pack
☑ 2 Box Topper Promo of choice
???? Prize:
???? Place - Store Championship Winner Pack 2022 + Winner Pack + Booster Packs
???? Place - Winner Pack + Booster Packs
???? Place - Booster Packs
 ????Place - Booster Packs

Place: z.k. Mladost 3 bl. 389 shop no. 9 (next to entrance no. 6)
Starts: 16:00 h


Hobby Games’s Tournaments are held in Hobby Games’s store/club located in Sofia, Bulgaria. 
If you are interested to take part in some of them please do not hesitate to forward your inquiries to us.
Via email:
or via our social media platforms shown down below.




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