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Cardfight!! Vanguard Hobby Games Championship

Cardfight!! Vanguard Hobby Games Championship



Welcome to our Vanguard Championship!
Playing Format: V-Premium!
It will be Best of 3 with each round of 60 mins.
Entrance: 25BGN

Each Player will receieve: 2х Booster Packs + Promo Cards + Vanguard Sleeves Pack

???? Playmat Awakening of Chakrabarthi Playmat + Congratulations Promo + Boosters Packs
???? Playmat Blazing Reborn Dragon Playmat + Boosters Packs
???? Booster Packs

Place: z.k. Mladost 3 bl. 389 shop no. 9 (next to entrance no. 6)
Starts: 16:00 h


Hobby Games’s Tournaments are held in Hobby Games’s store/club located in Sofia, Bulgaria. 
If you are interested to take part in some of them please do not hesitate to forward your inquiries to us.
Via email:
or via our social media platforms shown down below.




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