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Kodansha Comics

Kodansha Comics

Kodansha Comics

Since its foundation in 1909 in Japan, Kodansha has pursued the new, the exciting—the impossible
With a devotion to curiosity and creativity comes a tradition of innovation. For decades, we have nurtured a dynamic roster of artists and collaborators across genres, building a legacy of inspired voices, narratives and platforms. Our U.S. subsidiary publishes English-language manga and Japan-based fiction and non-fiction books.

Nourishing Passionate Creativity
When founding Kodansha, Seiji Noma believed that the role of new media was to educate people and develop society.
His belief was that nothing in the world was too complicated to make into an entertaining piece, that it could overcome language barriers and be of benefit to all nations, and achieve world peace.

Over a century after his journey began, Kodansha continues this dream with its library brimming with lively content. Read magazines and books, be industrious, and succeed—that was the message from Seiji Noma, and it inspired those who had talent but had missed the opportunity for higher education because of economic reasons. Seiji actively employed such young people. This was the expression and embodiment of the “Japanese Dream.”




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