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What is "Pre-Order"
"Pre-Order" is the status of products that can be ordered before they are in stock.

Date of delivery
These products have a date when they will be available in the store/site and an estimated delivery date. When no date is specified, upon order confirmation, the customer will be notified of the expected delivery date. Hobby Games Ltd. is not responsible for products that are delayed by the manufacturer or change of the delivery dates.

No pre-payment is required for "Pre-Order" except in cases of:
o product collectible figures with a value higher than BGN 149.99;
o order of individual collectible figures
o order of Trading Card Game product(s) with a value higher than BGN 1,099.99

The possible payment methods are:
o with card;
o by bank transfer;
o cash on delivery;
o on site in the physical stores of Hobby Games Ltd.

The following bank details are used for payment by bank transfer
bank: DSK Bank
holder: Hobby Games Ltd
IBAN: BG84STSA93000020116475

The minimum prepayment amount is 20%.

Right of withdrawal
Right of withdrawal does not apply to "Pre-Order" products that require prepayment or are made by the customer according to his/her individual requirements. In case the customer decides to exercise his right of refusal in these situations, the prepayment made is not refunded.

Prepaid orders for items are processed on priority basis.

The specified discounts for "Pre-Order" products are valid until the product release date announced by the manufacturer.

Individual order
If you are interested in a product that is not listed on the website of Hobby Games Ltd., you can send a written inquiry through our "Contact" portal

Hobby Games Ltd. is not responsible for products that have been discontinued, have not gone into production, or that the manufacturer has no intention of implementing. In these situations, prepaid amounts are refunded to the customer in full.