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PRE-ORDER: Espada Art - Naruto Shippuden - Pain (Tendo) 27cm

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Due date :  November, 2023

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PRE-ORDER: Espada Art - Naruto Shippuden - Pain (Tendo) 27cm


  • “SHINRA TENSEI!” For ESPADA first Naruto Shippuden statue, ESPADA decided to portray the leader of the Akatsuki and Six Paths of Pain, Pain (Tendo).
  • This overpowered antagonist is captured floating above Konahagakure and extending both hands out ready to use his ninjutsu attack, Shinra Tensei (All Mighty Push).
  • For Pain’s base, ESPADA decided to have the iconic Akatsuki cloud symbol present behind him in a minimalist design. Pain hovers while looking forward with his Rinnegan as he looks to usher in his dream of world peace through pain to the violent shinobi world.
  • This wall statue is created in 1/8th scale and will be made entirely of PVC.
  • First run will be limited to 3,000 units, territories include North & South America and Europe.
  • This statue will include two key holes hangers built into the black base with screws included and detailed instructions on how to safely anchor onto the wall.


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